The Samiti Is Indebted To Our Benevolent Donors In Extending Their Helping Hands For The Cyclone “FANI” Devastated People Of Puri, Khurda And Cuttack Districts With Its EYE In And Around Lord Jagannath Temple On 03.05.2019.


It Is Needless To Mention That More Than Fifteen Hundred Volunteers Of UBSS Worked Relentlessly Day And Night To Clear The Route For The Transport Of RELIEF AND TRAFIC MOVEMENT By Cutting The Uprooted / Broken Trees In The Area Which Facilitated The Govt Or The Administration In Providing Relief Materials. Our Volunteers Have Undertaken FREE KITCHENs In 14 Different Locations And Provided Food To More Than 1.30 Lakhs Of People For About 6 To 7 Days. Even In Our Office Building We Had Started A Free Kitchen For More Than 400 Evacuated People To House Them In Our Office Building And Provided Them Cooked Food For The Day Night On 3rd May 2019 Itself  


Though You Have Been Kind And Generous Enough To Donate Funds For The FANI, We  are At A Loss To Locate The Individual Donors As We Have Received Through NEFT/ RTGS. However We Appeal To Your Good Self To Let Us Know The Details Of Your E- MAIL ID And Mailing Address So That We Can Send The MONEY RECEIPTS, 80 G Certificate And Other Necessary Documents For Your Record


We Therefore Request The Hon’ble  NOBLE Souls, Who Hadve Donated At The Time Of The Crisis Of The People Of Odisha, And UBSS Shall Remember Them For Their Benevolence And Pray Lord/ Almighty To Shower HIS BLESSINGS.

01. Name Of The Donor, Postal Address And E Mail If Any.

02. Amount Of Donation And Date

03. Details Of Relief Materials & Quantity/ Cost May Be Mentioned Along With Date Of Delivery.

04. Name Of The Bank And Branch, The Amount Of Remittance(In Case Of Cash Donation)

05. From Which Location, The Materials Has Been Remitted.(In Case Of Relief Materials)


UBSS :  and

UBSS Postal Address :

Utkal Bipanna Sahayata Samiti

Plot No.41, Sector-A, Zone-D, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar, 751010, Odisha

Contact Mobile No.

01. D.Krishna Gopal, Treasurer, UBSS 6370053544 /9437050533

02. Bhabani Shankar Baral ,Accountant 9337109673 /9861226650



About Utkal Bipanna Sahayata Samiti (UBSS)

The Utkal Bipanna Sahayata Samiti (UBSS) Was Established In 1982 As a Voluntary Organization And Is Affiliated To The Rashtriya Sewa Bharati, New Delhi To Serve The Destitute. It Is Registered Under The Societies Registration Act XXXI Of 1860, India Bearing Registration No. 18869/9 Of 1982-83 And Meant For Serving The Downtrodden, The Destitute And People In Distress. The UBSS Is A Network Of Dedicated Volunteers Drawn From Various Walks Of Life. It Works In Tandem With Many Other Like-minded Organizations From Where It Gets Disciplined Work Force To Carry Out Rescue, Relief And Rehabilitation Work In A Systematic Way. Be It Flood, Cyclone, Famine, Earthquake, Sunstroke Or Any Form Of Natural Calamity Or Accidents, The Dedicated Volunteers Of UBSS Have Fought Against All Odds To Reach Out To The People In Their Hours Of Crisis So That They Do Not Feel The Trauma Of The Devastation

The Major Hours Of Crisis When UBSS Has Served, Are The Following;


  1. 1982 :        A Devastating Flood In Coastal Odisha
  2. 1999 :        Super Cyclone In Coastal Odisha
  3. 2001 :        Drought In West And Flood In Coastal Odisha Earth Quake Of Bhuj, Gujrat
  4. 2003 :        Flood In Coastal Odisha
  5. 2008 :        Flood In Coastal Odisha And Arson At Ganjam
  6. 2009 :        Arson At Aul In The District Of Kendrapada
  7. 2011 :        Flood In Western And Coastal Odisha
  8. 2013 :        Cyclone (Phyline) And Flood In Odisha And Flood Of Uttarakhand
  9. 2015 :        Flood Of Bengal
  10. 2018 :        Flood And Titli Of Odisha (Gajapati, Ganjam&Rayagada)
  11. 2019 :        Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani (Relief Work On Going In Fourteen Camps)


Cyclone Fani (03rd May 2019)


The Unexpected And Unprecedented Severe Cyclonic Storm “Fani” Hit The Coastal Districts Of Odisha. The Wind Velocity Was More Than 200 Kmph. The Eye Of The Storm Was Around Puri City And Hit The City About 08.10 Am In The Morning Of 3rd May 2019. Subsequently The Cyclone Moved North East Affecting Bhubaneswar, Khorda, Puri, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapada, Parts Of Jajpur. As A Result Of It The Cyclone Has Devastated Major Cities Like Bhubaneswar, Puri And All The Rural Areas In The Above Districts. More Than 60 People Have Lost Their Lives And Around 30 Lakhs People Are Badly Affected And Have Lost Their Dwelling. All The Kutchha houses Are Damaged In Rural And Slum Areas Beyond Repair. The People Have Lost Their Livelihood, Agriculture Implements And Khariff Crops Are Completely Damaged. The Fisher Men Have Lost Their Fishing Nets As Well As Boats. They Are In Serious Distress And In Need Of Basic Necessities Like Food, Drinking Water, Medicine, Shelter (tarpaulin) And Livelyhood.


Involvement Of UBSS In Relief And Rehabilitation Work After FANI


At This Hours Of Crisis Utkal Bipanna Sahayata Samiti (UBSS)was Well Prepared To Face The Uncertain And Unexpected Consequences Of Cyclone And Served In Both Pre And Post Cyclone Fani.


  1. Pre Cyclone Activities:-

A Core Committee Meeting Was Held On 2nd May 2019 At Its Head Quarters In Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar Where The Volunteers Were Alerted To Be In Readiness For Meeting The Challenges For The Upcoming Rehabilitation And Restoration Work After The Severe Cyclone.


  1. Post Cyclone Activities:-


UBSS With Coordination Of Other Likeminded Organizations Was Involved In Rescue Operation And Relief Work To Help The Cyclone Affected.


  • Clearing Routes & Immediate Rescue Of People:-


The Volunteers Of UBSS Worked With Local People To Clear And Clean Roads By Cutting Trees For Traffic Movement And Passage Of Relief Materials.


  • Cooked Food Distribution-


On The Very Day Of The Cyclone That Is 3rd May 2019 Some 400 People Were Given Free Cocked Food For The Day And Night And Allowed To Stay In The Office Building At Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar As A Measure To Ensure Zero Causality. From The Very Next Day Of Cyclone, Cooked Food Was Distributed In Some Severely Affected Areas Of Puri And Cuttack Such As In Ghodabazar, Dandamukundpur, Nimapada, Brahmagiri, Sakhigopal And Olatpur Of Cuttack.The Samiti Has Provided Cocked Food To More Than ONE LAKH PEOPLE In FIFTEEN Relief Camps Along With Baby Food.

Till 17th May 2019, Rice 108.5 Quintals(434 Bags, Dal 70 Bags  24.5 Quintals, Potato, 101 Bags, Mustard Oil 40 Tins, Salt 18 Bags  have Been Sent To The Relief Camps For Distribution Of Cooked Food And Two Gen Sets In Relief Operation    


  • Relief Distribution:-


The Samiti Has Opened 15 Relief Centres In The Three Major Affected Districts In Different Like Ghodabazar(Puri), Dandamukundapur, Kanas, Khelar, Nimapada, Sorana, Brahmagiri, Balipatna, Konark, Balanga, Budhakera In Puri District,Jatni And Unit-3 (Bhubaneswar) In Khurda District And Olatapur And MahanandiVihar In Cuttack District. Over 2000 UBSS Volunteers Have Been Pressed Into Service For Distributing Packed Foods Like Biscuits, Thatched Rice(Chuda), Gur (jaggery) And Other Essentials Such As 50 Cartoons Of Mosquito Coils, 346 Cartoons Of Candles, 102 Cartoons Of Match Boxes,3150 Saree, 24951 Pcs Of Tarpaulin, 76974 Pcs Of Polythene Etc Along With 17928 Water Bottles And 4,18,000 Pouch Drinking Water. UBSS Is Directly Monitoring The Activities/ Seva In Each Camp/ Canter. Till Date The Samiti Has Been Able To Distribute A Total Of 1,01,925 Tarpaulins/ Polythene.


  • Mobile Medical Unit:-

14 Numbers Of Mobile Medical Units Are Engaged To Treat The Affected People. Covering 222 Villages, Where 18556 Patients Have Been Benefitted.


  1. Future Relief Plans:-


Rehabilitation Work Is Still Ongoing. The Organisation Aims At Bringing The Affected People Back To Their Normal Life So That They Do Not Feel Alienated From Their Brethren Elsewhere. There Are Some Immediate Necessities To Carry On The Work, Which Are Indicated Below.


  • Solar Light Distribution:-


The Electricity Supply Is Hard Hit By The Cyclone ‘Fani’ And There Is Every Possibility Of Not Getting Electricity In The Rural Areas Of Puri Within Next Two Months, For Which Solar Lights And Tarpaulin, Clothes For Men/ Women, Seedlings For The Next Crop, Fodders For The Cattle And Study Kits For The Children Are Essential And Badly Needed To Restore Some Semblance.

Both Puri And Khurdha Districts Are Endemic To FILARIA/ Elephantiasis For Which The People Are In Badly Need Of MOSQUITO NETS


  • Cloth Kit Distribution-


UBSS Is Providing A Cloth Kit Which Includes Saree, Lungi, Towel, Bed Sheets, Mosquito Net, As These Are The Basic Requirement In This Tragic Hour Where People Are Suffering With Broken/ Dilapidated  shelters. 1350 Nos Of Saree, 750 Nos Of Lungi (For Men), 750 Nos Of Bed Sheets And750 Nos Of Gamuchha (Towel) Has Been Distributed Till Date.


  1. Future Rehabilitation Plans:-


  • Betel Vine Crop:-


The Livelihoods Of People Who Depend Mostly On Betel Vine Crop Are Miserably Affected. UBSS Plans To Restore The Livelihood Of 600 Betel Crop( Pan Leaf) Farmers Affected With A Financial Assistance Of Rs. 20,000 ( Twenty Thousand)  each For Purchase Of Bamboo And Other Materials


  • Coconut/ Beetle Nut  Farmer:-


The Coconut Trees/ Farmers Are Also Completely Devastated In Fani. UBSS Aims At Providing 1,00,000 Nos Coconut Saplings And 1,0,000 Betel Nuts Saplings With A Costs Rs 50 / Rs 30 Each Respectively


  • Fishing Nets And Boats:-


The Fishing Nets And Boats Of Fisherman Are Completely Destroyed/ Broken And Their Livelihood Is In Disarray. The Samiti Aims At Providing 25 New Boats And To Repair 100 Boats By Providing Them With A Financial Assistance Of Rs. 1,00,000/ 50,000 Respectively  for Each Boat. The Focus Of UBSS Is To Restore Their Livelihood As Soon As Possible.


Fodder For The Cattle

The Cyclone “FANI” And Subsequent Thunder Shower Has Washed Away The Fodder For The Cattle And The Need To Be Provided For The Farmers


  • Repairing Educational Institutions:-


UBSS is Working On The Process To Re-establish The Educational Institutions As The Future Of Students Relies On Education Andthat Should Not Be Hampered Due To The Calamities. Our Samiti Aims At Rebuilding The Damaged School Building Of 13 Institutes By Spending Rs. 10,00,000 ( Rupees Ten Lakhs Only For Each Institution.



UTKAL BIPNNA SAHAYATA SAMITI (UBSS) Has Decided  To Take  Up The Following  Livelihood Projects In The Cyclone "FANI"  Affected Area. We Hope Corporate Houses And Philanthropic  People Will Come Forward  To Assist / Help The SAMITI (ubss) In Our Nobel  ENDEAVOUR.


1. Supplying  FIVE LAKH Dwarf Variety Coconut  Sampling  For  Plantation

2. Six Hundred  Families To Be Provided With Plantation Of Beetle  Vine ( ପାନ ଚାଷ)

3, Supplying  25 New Boats To Fishermen.

4. Repaire 50 Boats

5. Supplying One Lakh Beetle Nut Sampling For Plantation.


In Addition To The Above

1. Supply About 25 Thousand Solar Lamps. Or Even More If Available To Us.

2. Supplying  Mosquito  Nets In The Endemic Area Of Puri And Khurda

3. School Kits For Children

4.clothes For Both Men And Women

5. Bleaching Powder / Halogen Tablets




# UBSS Fightsbackcyclonefani

# UBSS Fightsbackcyclonefani













The Cyclone “FANI” Hit The Coastal District Of Puri  Town And Lord Jagannath  Temple At About 8.10 AM On 3rd May 2019. The Wind Velocity Was About 200 Kms Per Hour.  It Has Not Left The ART VILLAGE , Raghuraj Pur Near Puri. Each House In The Village / Member Of The Village Isengaged In Some Form Of Art Like Stone Craft, Wood Craft, Canvas Painting Or Palm Leaf Painting. But The Cyclone Has Deprived Of All  The Villagers  From Their Livelihood. This Needs To Be Restored  By Help From Outside Sources Like Philanthropic People And Corporate Houses.


Similarly The Historic PIPOL ( Ficus) Tree ( A Part Of BODHIDROOM) Which Was Brought From Anuradhapur In Sri Lanka ( Ceylon) And Planted By The Then Prime Minister Of Burma Mr U. Nu In 1956 Has Been Up Tooted And Now To Be Planted/ Restored Again In Its Place As It Has A Historic  significance As Well As The Plant  Is Important For Both HINDUS As Well As BUDHISTS


अंधकार में डूबे हाथों को थमाई उम्मीद की मशाल

  ( उड़ीसा )

फैनी का इटालियन भाषा में अर्थ होता है  मुक्त ! इन  मुक्त हवाओं ने  जिन्हें हम चक्रवात कहते हैं ने उड़ीसा   में जो कहर बरपाया है, वो हम सब की कल्पना से भी परे है।  कटक भुवनेश्वर खुर्द पुरी  समेत, पांच जिलों के अधिकांश कस्बे अंधेरे में डूब गए हैं।   21,000 बिजली के पोल उखड गए व 750 किलोमीटर सडक का अता -पता नहीं है। गांवो के गरीब किसानो के पास न खेती बची न घर। 64 लोगों व 65,000 मवेशियों को ये भयावह चक्रवात लील गया।बिना छत के मकानों में अपना सबकुछ गॅवा बैठे  लोगों को सहारा देने सबसे पहले पहुंचे संघ के स्वयंसेवक।

 उड़ीसा में संघ के स्वयंसेवकों द्वारा चलाई जा रही उत्कल बिपन्न सहायता समिति के 1500  से अधिक स्वयंसेवकों ने 3 मई से आज तक  पीड़ितों की मदद के लिए दिन रात एक कर दिया। समिति द्वारा चलाए जा रहे 8  राहत शिविरों में अब  तक  96000 से अधिक लोगों को खाना खिलाया जा चुका है।  टैम्पररी छत यानी 65,000 तारकोलीन देकर  इतने परिवारों को जून की बारिश से बचने का ठौर मिला  है।  समिति के सदस्य बिजाय स्वेन बताते हैं कि जरूरतें बहुत बडी हैं व संसाधन कम । महामारी से बचने के लिए 4 लाख से अधिक मॉस्किटो बांटने के बाद भी हम महज 10 प्रतिशत लोगो की  ही।मदद कर  पाए है। । दूरस्थ गांव हो या पुरी व कटक की झुग्गियां हर घर तक  सोलर लैंप पहुंचाने है  ।

 भुवनेश्वर से 45 किलोमीटर  दूर बसे छोटे से गांव नीमापाड़ा को ही लें यहां पान की समूची फसल तबाह हो गई। इस  मुस्लिम बहुल गांव के लोगों का  बहुत बुरा हाल था, ऐसे ही एक परिवार में जब समिति के लोग छत के लिए तारकोलीन पहनने के लिए  कपड़े व मच्छरदानी  लेकर पहुंचे तो सैफुद्दीन नामक शख्स की आंखों से आंसू बह निकले। यह गरीब किसान  रोते-रोते कहने लगा  कि वो आज तक  संघवालों को अपना दुश्मन समझता था  परंतु सबसे पहले  वो ही हमारी मदद के लिए पहुंचा ।

इस आपदा से हुए नुकसान की भरपाई राहत सामग्री भर जुटा देने से नहीं हो पाएगी। पीड़ितों के  पुनर्वास के लिए  सतत् कार्य करना होगा।   संघ में पूर्वी क्षेत्र के क्षेत्र सेवा प्रमुख जगदीशजी आगामी योजना  पर प्रकाश डालते हुए कहते हैं  कि हम रोजगार पर विशेष ध्यान दे रहे हैं, इन परिवारों को नारियल, सुपारी, ओलंगा  के पेड़ लगा कर दिए जाएंगे। जो   आमदनी का जरिया बनेंगे।  परती छोड़ी गई  सरकारी जमीन पर चंदन के पेड़ लगाए जाएंगे । बारिश आने से पहले हर घर को  प्लास्टिक की छत मुहैया कराई जाएगी। चक्रवात ने समुद्र के किनारे लगने वाले लंबे पेड़ जिन्हें हम झांवा जंगल कहते हैं नष्ट कर दिए हैं, जिसके कारण मौसमी हवाएं सीधे नगर में प्रवेश कर सकती है इन  झावा जंगलो को पुनः विकसित करने की भी योजना  संघ ने बनाई है।जहां तक पीडित परिवारों के स्वास्थ्य का सवाल है गुजरात व उत्तर प्रदेश से आए स्वयंसेवक डॉक्टरों की टीम ने इन क्षेत्रों में महामारी फैलने से तो बचा लिया  किंतु निरंतर प्राथमिक उपचार के लिए भी केंद्र विकसित करने होंगे।



Sri Rudranarayan Mohapatra Co-ordinator, Medical Team Of UBSS, Has Reported That Thirty Five Thundered Six Hundred Sixty Seven( 35,667) Patients Have Been Treated From 12th  To 22nd May 2019 And Been Given Medicines Free Of Cost By The 16 Medical Teams Comprising Of An Am Balance, A Qualified Doctor, A Nurse And A Pharmacist In PHANI Affected Area Of Puri, Khordha And Cuttack Districts Covering Twelve Blocks And One Hundred And Ninety Four  Villages And 35 Slums In The Above Districts. The Doctors Examined The Different Blood Samples Of The Patients As Puri And Khurdha Being Endemic Area For Filaria (Elephantiasis). The Volunteers Of Utkal Bipnna Sahayata Samti In Collaboration With Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh And The Sewa Bharati, New Delhi As Well As The Local People Have Been In The Fore Front  In Assisting The Team Of Doctors In The Area.
Dr. B. K. Swain